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STOP Negative Reviews!

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Review Management Service

We help customers leave good reviews and support businesses & customers with negative feedback


We supply templates to send out reminders to customers

Good Reviews

5 & 4 star ratings are redirected to the review site of your choice


3, 2 & 1 star ratings fill out a form which is not posted publicly, we then support both parties to resolve the issue

Any Questions?


How much does it cost?

£10 per month, no contract

When will I get my page built?

From sign up, it take 48 hours to build your page. We’ll keep in touch with you along the way

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, there’s no contract! Simply send us an email at and we’ll cancel your monthly subscription and turn off your rating page

What sites can I connect to 5&4 stars?

Any review site you have a profile on. All we need is the link to your page on the review site of your choice

What happens with 3, 2 & 1 star ratings?

These are not posted publicly, we send the feedback to you with a suggestion on how to resolve the issue. We’re also available 7 days a week to help with feedback & customer service

How do I pay?

Click ‘sign up’ which takes your first month fee of £10. This is then on a rolling £10 which is taken automatically from the same card on a monthly basis

How do I send it to customers?

Once built, we’ll send you the link to your page along with text message & email templates for you to send out. We recommend sending these to every customer in your contact list and to every customer going forward

We’ll contact you back within 1 hour

(8am-8pm /  7 days)

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“This helped us improve our customer service”


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“They helped me resolve an issue with a customer without affecting my online reputation”


Leave a Review

“I now feel safe asking every customer for feedback”


Leave a Review